Thursday, March 16, 2006

Site Update


Heya, all--

I just did a bit of an update on Divine Bird, including new art, new commission info, new commission sample pics, and a few other tweaks here and there. Check it out, and sign the guestbook if you do! (I give secret prizes to certain numbers.) :)


I've gotten back on track, so new commissions are open and are finally doable in a three-week timeframe. The sooner I get a request, the faster it gets done, since all work is first-come, first-served. Check the site under "commissions" to see how to request an image.


I really appreciate word-of-mouth referrals most of all. Because I like them so much, if you refer someone to me and they order a commission or buy a print, I will give you 50% off the price of your commission or print! Just let me know in some way (PM, Email, comment here, what have you) that you directed someone to me. You don't even have to be close friends with them; just knowing that you guys are looking out for me is enough. :D (One per person per referral, please. Meaning, if they order three commissions, you only get one at the special price. I have to eat, yanno. XD)

-- A newsletter feature, where you can enter your email and get notifications when the site is updated

--A revised front page, sans redundant info

--New art every week (as always!)

--A gallery of handknitted items for sale on The Divine Bird Etsy Shop

--The Forum will be revamped and made a little more prominent, since I'd like to see some conversation there--especially in the 'Requests' forum :D

--And finally, a redesign of the main "Stories from the Merchant Road" page. The list of images is getting too long to scroll through, so it's about that time to rework it. This may happen sooner rather than later.


Please let me know if you have questions or see a mistake, etc. on my site. I will also be happy to do link exchanges with your sites, especially with my RL friends. XD We could all use the extra traffic, I think. ;)

That's it for now! Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


It has been FOREVER since I updated, and last time it was for Secret Pal 7, too. XD This time, I eagerly awaited my last package from my pal, who was kind enough to email me beforehand.

So I collect this large, light UPS box today--and race inside, tear the tape off, and...and...and...


Roving--LOTS of it, in blue and natural grey/white and even some CAMEL. And a spindle!! And a BOOK about spinning!

I learned how to spin on a borrowed spindle several months ago, but I returned the spindle to its owner. I haven't replaced it, and I really like spinning. NOW...NOW I have the opportunity to keep at it. I've already made yards and yards from the grey; I started playing with it the MOMENT I finished taking pics. XD

THANK YOU, SP!!! You've been the BEST!