Sunday, April 9, 2006

Spun the Bunny

I really wanted to make the yarn (from my last post) into something great, so I settled on a popular pattern for a stuffed bunny that didn't take much yarn. I had spun 44 yards once it was plied, so I had JUST enough (and by just enough, I mean I had only one yard when I was done) to make the bunny. Some pics to demonstrate the cuteness:

I learned several things by doing this project. First, of course, was the entire process of spinning, plying, and setting yarn from start to finish. Second, I learned how to make a toy, since I'd never done one before. The bunny was extremely easy--he was essentially one square, three inches of I-cord, and the two ears. I stuffed him using some Wool-Ease Thick&Quick that I didn't like. His name is "Spun".

I also now have several orders from friends and family for bunnies of their own. :D

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LotusKnits said...

So cute!!! Glad you're enjoying your roving :D