Sunday, September 17, 2006

A return to the computer!


I have been gone for way too long. My monitor died, as I mentioned in the previous post, and I just got my new one a couple of days ago. After catching up on all my messages, webcomics, forums, and groups, I can finally update my blog.

It's been a busy few weeks. Since I couldn't really play on the computer as I wanted to, I turned to knitting and spinning to fill the void in my life. :D Below are the fruits of my labors.

First, knitting.

Dark Rainbow:

Made from 1 skein of a mohair blend I can NOT for the life of me remember. Yarndex didn't jog my memory, but if you recognize it, let me know! I keep all my labels, but I remember putting this one away a long time ago. Grr. It had a black label and came in a flat ball. Made for a friend.

And my Funky Scarves--one is for my pal, the other is for me. :D

Yarns include (but not limited to): Plymouth Alpaca Boucle, Mango Moon Viscose, Manos del Uruguay, Le Fibre Nobili Imperiale Mohair, Dalegarn Heilo, Target, Carol Martin Farmhouse Yarns, Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky (and knockoff), Sirdar DK, Noro Kureyon, Bernat Boa, Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride, Lite Lopi, and more.

And then some spinning:

First, some purple Dorset, 2 oz of each. I have finished the lighter one and am about halfway done with the darker one. I'll be plying them together for a heathered effect, and should have about 200yds when finished. :D

Purple Dorset

Next is an old project that I finally finished. I bought the alpaca back in October of last year. I started it back then, used some to ply with other yarns (see older posts), and got tired of having it take up room in my spinning box. So it's done. About 90+ yards of worsted weight, 2-ply.

Alpaca "Vamp"

And finally, my favorite, 3oz of roving from the awesome Yarnpunk. I have more on order. This was received on a Thursday afternoon and was dry by Saturday morning. That's how obsessed I was with getting it spun. I left it at single ply, and have since knitted a hat for winter. There's still some left over! I will probably spin the next batch more fine so I can ply it with itself, and I'll also separate the colors more to get a less mixed effect.


It's good to be back!!


somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

My guess is that the mohair blend is Broadway by Artful Yarns:

Deenz said...

Ditto - that be Broadway by Artful Yarns, indeed...