Saturday, December 2, 2006

My First Angora

Angora bunny is one of those fibers that make my life worthwhile. I love everything about it: the range of colors from blinding snowy white to deep brown and black, the softness, the halo--not to mention my obsession with bunnies in general. It's also one of those fibers that you find in the LYS going for $25 for a 2oz skein. It's one of my 'holy grail' fibers, and until today I have had to content myself with buying blends and playing with inexpertly-cut bits that have been given to me because they were unusable otherwise.

Apologies for the crappy pictures.

Bought at today's Nutmeg Spinners' Guild meeting and spun on my lovely Bloodwood spindle. I have 2oz, though this is only about 1/2 oz so far. I couldn't wait to get enough to ply. :) I started spinning it almost immediately upon purchasing it. The fiber came from the lovely Woolybuns, who will be posting a picture of me on her blog, in which I grin like a fool and hold up my spindle with the first part of my singles on it. :D Not necessarily a flattering pic, but a fun one nonetheless. :D

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