Monday, September 26, 2005


The picture doesn't do it justice. I wish I had a better image than the digital camera; if this skein makes it through the night without being wound into a ball so I can use it RIGHT NOW OMG OMG I shall take better pics in the morning.

It was in my first present from my Secret Pal. XD When my husband and I came home tonight, I said, "Hey, what's that on our mailbox?" We got closer, I read the label, and then it was like Christmas and my birthday came at once. XD

The absolutely dreamy multicolor yarn is SPUN BY MY SECRET PAL OMG and is, from her note, "core spun...the core is Jaeger merino and on top is hand dyed mohair locks."

Let's just think about that for a moment. Hand dyed. Hand spun. Mohair locks. Jaeger merino. I am dying of happiness. What am I going to make?? What will do this justice?? The yarn is SO soft, so pettable. I am in love. It also, funny enough, matches the twinset I wore to work today. Like exactly. I tried to take a pic, but it just doesn't want to work. Again, I'll try tomorrow. You have to see it.

This is the other yarn in my package, some yummy Debbie Bliss Soho, in a colorway that is precisely my favorite set of autumn colors. I want to play with it like a kitty. XD I want to make mittens out of it; I bet I could get one out of each ball.

It had better get bitter freaking cold this year. I want to get use out of my new wardrobe of scarves, mittens, hats and socks. XD

And for a pic of the complete package:

The other two items are a REALLY cute set of origami girls that I can't wait to play with, and at the very bottom of the pic is a wired burgundy ribbon with gold bees. Secret pal, you really hit my loves, I'll have you know. I didn't even MENTION how much I love bee motifs, and yet I get bee ribbon from you. :)

I'm off to revel in my yarn and to think up something really special for the handspun, because whatever it is, I'm going to end up wearing it ALL THE TIME.



Anonymous said...

Wow! The package arrived soooo fast! I'm glad you like it all. So you know the handspun yumminess is about 190-200 yards. Enjoy!

Your Secret Pal

Anonymous said...




~E-daughter II