Thursday, November 24, 2005

WHOO! Yarn! In the Mail!!

Wow, two updates in this blog in one week? You guys are SO lucky. :P

Yesterday in the mail, I received this mysterious box:

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And I was like, huh, who sent me a package?

And then I opened it...and it was...


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Want a closer look? How 'bout THIS FREAKING NEAT cloud-colored thick N thin uberbulky yarn:

Image hosted by

And THIS "college" by Filatura di Crosa (HEART!!!)

Image hosted by

AND THIS...the thing that made me actually squeal like a ninny, KOIGU OMG OMG:

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And among the cool things? A diy pin, a cute card (with bunnies! in costumes!), a wine charm kit, a felted heart keychain (XD), a martini magnet, a little candle, and a chinese flower knot template!! So many cool and wonderful things.

I think I already have a pattern in mind for the College, and the Koigu has gone onto my Yarn Pedestal of Admiration and Petting, and the bulkytwistysoftsoftsoft yarn is starting to tell me it wants to be something specific, but I just don't know what. Yet.

I will speak more about these later. For now, I must admire and bask in the delight of new, beautiful, and awesome yarn and fun little gifties. :)


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