Thursday, February 22, 2007

Tiger Lily

I can't help it--I just can't stop spinning.

This time you get one big collage image. :)

From Fiber to Yarn:

I couldn't quite get the light to work properly for me, and photoshop was no help today. The blues in the pic are actually much more purple, but that's what the lens picked up. It's a very rich and decadent looking yarn.

I spun two plies in the same color order: Red, Pink, Purple, and plied them together. The color runs, while in the same order, ended up overlapping, though there are places where the plies worked out to the same color nicely. I am going to be making socks from this yarn. :) I got about 385 yards in the big skein, plus another 50 or so in a smaller skein that was spun randomly instead of in order.

Enjoy! Comments and suggestions are always appreciated, too. :D

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somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Pretty pretty!! Before you know it, your yarn will be selling out on etsy and in shops around the world. ;)