Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Coming Down to the Wire--HELP ME

Today is May 31.

In exactly two months, I will have to make a decision about what I'm going to do about my artwork.

The plan back in January was simple--update every week with a new image and a new story for each image, offer each one as a print, put each one up on Cafepress as t-shirts and merchandise, and offer commission work based on the style shown in my character art. People would buy the image they liked on the product they liked. I would give out business cards with all my information, and every site, sig, and blog I had would clearly direct people to my shops. I joined many internet communities that would help me get my art out there. I have even begun the search for an agent to represent me to even more prospective clients.

Now, I have some low-priced commissions out right now. I did get one commission client since this started--though it was barter for a product she sells, so I have yet to actually make money from my work.

I have been told by a lot of people that they'd be happy to buy my art if it was available as a print. Unfortunately, I have not sold a single print since I started offering them in January, despite making it very easy to find and buy them through a reputable, well-established site.

I understand that everyone has financial responsibilities they have to take care of before buying things like art their friend draws. However...I need to make this work. I have worked really hard to make my deadlines, and though I know not every piece is hugely popular, I really hoped I'd sell something before now.

My cutoff date is July 31. By then, I need to have something to show for my time.

All I ask of you guys is that you recommend me to people who might appreciate my work. You don't even need to buy something yourself (though I'd love it if you did!) The prices on my prints are FAR lower than my commission prices, almost to the point of being ridiculously reduced. On top of that, I only get about half of the selling price at all. Or, if you know gamers--video, tabletop, whatever--who might like an artist's portrayal of their favorite avatar/character, please send them my way.

I need your help, everyone. July 31 is coming up, and I can't count on ConnectiCon to make up the business I haven't been getting these past few months.


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